Control Consoles for Ship and Task Force Command Staff (170ХХХ Devices)

Purpose The Multifunctional Control Console (MFC) is designed to solve information and calculation tasks within software of computer-aided systems in automatic and dialog modes, and to ensure information support of decision-making for control console operator.

The Control Consoles are designed taking into account functional and design features of hardware and radio components of the following two types:
  • - Russian;
  • - foreign (on basis of Intel-compatible processor modules).

Ship Officers and Tactical Formation Control Console 170-131I (CC) is designated to ensure solving of information and computing tasks of automated system software in both automatic and interactive operation modes as well as to provide information support of decision-making by CC operator.

Basic functions and technical characteristics:

If software loaded, the Device allows the following:

  • - display of data on one (two) colour 21» (54 cm) LCD having the resolution of up to 1,600x1,200 pixels;
  • - entry of data and control of task solution using the dialog facilities as follows:
    1. - alphanumeric keyboard;;
      - trackball;
      - touch screen equipped with programmable control panel;
  • - local and remote power up;
  • - identification and authentication of officers in subsystem for control of access to information by means of electronic key-password;
  • - monitoring of operability of the Device components and fault diagnostics;
  • - automatic monitoring of air temperature inside/outside of the Device, and output of OVERHEAT signal;
  • - interaction with external subscribers and peripherals through:
    1. - four Ethernet 100/1000 Mb channels;
      - two RS-485 channels;
      - two PAL/NTSC/SECAM composite video-channels.
  • - The Device has low-magnetic design version.
  • - information output on two colour LCD displays 24˝ (61 cm) with resolution of 1920×1200 pixels;
  • - data input and task solution control using three multi-touch screens;
  • - stereo imaging from two built-in HD video cameras with infrared highlighting;
  • - video communication;
  • - the control of high-value functions using programmable RGB keys.

The basic components of the Device are quick-detachable assembly parts featuring easy access to them for maintenance and repair (replacement).

The table of the control console can be raised and fixed in this position.

The Device can be installed at mobile objects under severe operation conditions: it is installed on specially developed shock-absorbing platform.

The Device design contributes to its transportation into hatch due to round corners (the dimensions are 600x600 mm, the radius of corner rounding is 100 mm).

The handy position of two USB-connectors contributes to updating of the Device software, and to writing and reading of required information.The Device is maintained from its front side including access to panel of external connections.

The protection system of the system unit is IP-64.

The basic technical design solutions are patented.

A wide range of possible design versions for Control Console on basis of:

  • a) set of embedded first-, second- and third-level functional modules;
  • b) set of base form-factors;
  • c) different complete sets of used controls and I/O devices;
  • d) different variants of colour solutions

The unified architecture ensures the creation of any design version for Control Console, and contains:

  • a) universal base component on basis of any family of process modules;
  • b) adaptive component with reserve for a number of installed extra-function modules.

The base form-factor ensures the creation of a range of design versions for Control Console:

  • - floor-installed vertical double-displayed MFC (170-131);
  • - floor-installed horizontal double-displayed MFC (170-231);
  • - floor-installed vertical single-displayed MFC (170-031);
  • - desk/wall-mounted MFC (170-05).

The inter-console section BNK-030 contributes to the creation of integrated group WSs for command posts.

Ship officers and tactical force control console 170-131.Х

Parameter value
Number of compute modules 2
CPU Type Elbrus-2C or Inte
SSD capacity, Gb, no less than 128
Parameters of the main screens:
- screen size 24.1 inch/61.2 cm
- resolution 1920х1200 pixels
- brightness 350 cd/m2
- viewing angle in the horizontal plane 178 deg.
- viewing angle in the vertical plane 178 deg.
- touch screen type Projected-capacitive (multi-touch)
Parameters of the console screen:
- screen size, inch/cm 12.1 inch (31)
- resolution, pixels 1024х768
- brightness, cd/m2 375
- viewing angle in the horizontal plane 160°
- viewing angle in the vertical plane 160°
- touch screen type Projected-capacitive(multi-touch)
External Interfaces:
- Ethernet 10/100/1000, Mbit/s 4
– USB 2.0 2
– RS-232/422/485 2
- potential signals 8
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, or 27 V
Power Consumption 250 W
Device Dimensions (WxHxD) 600x920x570 mm
Device weight Not more than 40 kg

Devices allow their use in various climatic conditions
Parameter Dimensions (WxHxD), mm Device weight, kg Power consumption, W Power supply parameter
Device version Operation Transportation
170-031 673 1224 967 588 1472 593 no more than 130 no more than 300 220 V, 50 GHz or 27 V
170-131 673 1721 967 588 1633 543 no more than 160 no more than 400
170-231 1346 1224 967 2х588 1472 543 no more than 220 no more than 400
Inter-console section 030 294 441 588 1721** 967 294 441 588 1635 543 - - -