System for Data Exchange with Ship Weapons. 179-XX Devices

The Device is designed taking into account functional and design features of hardware and radio components of the following two types*:

  • - Russian;
  • – foreign (on basis of Intel-compatible processor modules).

* Other hardware can be used at Customer’s request

Basic functions and technical characteristics
  • - Data exchange with off-system subscribers both within computer-aided package and as off-line device.
  • - Conversion of input/output data as per interface protocols.
  • - Extra calculations.
  • - Data exchange via inter-system Ethernet networks.
  • - Exchange of potential signals.
  • - Running from two independent power-supply sources.
  • - Local and remote power-supply control.
  • - Available two (main and standby) computing devices.
  • - Automatic monitoring of the Device temperature modes.
  • - Monitoring of operability of the Device components and fault diagnostics.
  • - Embedded technological facilities of diagnostics and setting of the Device.
  • - Possible ‘hot’ replacement of modules.
  • - Different design versions of the Device, extending its functional characteristics due to installation of extra modules, are possible.
The device allows its use in various climatic conditions
Parameter 179-RS-M
CPU Intel Core Duo
CPU clock frequency 1.66 GHz
RAM 1,024 MB
OS Linux, MSVS
Interaction to external subscribers (peripheral units):
Ethernet 10/100/1,000 channel, pcs
RS-422/485 channel, pcs
GOST R 52070-2003, pcs
possible signals

5 main / 5 backup
8 main / 8 backup
4 main / 4 backup
Power consumed by Device, W, no more than 250
Supply frequency, Hz 49 51
Voltage of supply main, V 220
Device dimensions (W x D x H), mm 640 х 695 х 1,800
Device weight, no more than 150