The products of FRPC JSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ are manufactured using world-level material and technological base. All the products are compliant with international and national Russian standards. The Company’s quality-management system is certified in the system of facultative certification of products and quality systems for defense-industry enterprises ‘Oboronsertifika’ and meets the requirements of ISO 9000-series international standards, SRPP VT standards, including the GOST RV 15.002-2003.

The Company’s production PCBs and electronic modules does not have analogues in the Russian Federation and is based on foreign-origin equipment by ‘Siemens’. We also have a certified ‘clean’ production-room for the line of video-module production.

Nowadays, FRPC JSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ applies cutting-edge device-making technologies meeting the world requirements, for the Navy. Due to the high professionalism and active positions of the Company’s personnel, we have managed to extend our positions in the external and internal markets, to implement new-generation systems, reliable integrated C2 systems of different classes for the Russian Navy.