‘Help in Preparation to School’ Action Carried Out07.08.2012

On the 7th of August, an action ‘Help in Preparation to School’ took place in the Company session hall. The event was attended by Vladimir A. Maklaev, Director General, Larisa Moskalenko, Deputy Director General for Human-Resource Management, Chairwoman of the Company Trade Union, as well as by the Martians-parents of children going to school for the first time, trade-union representatives of the Company departments, and the Director of the social and rehabilitation centre for minors ‘Scarlet Sails’.

Within the scope of the regional action ‘Help in Preparation to School’ and according to the established practice, our staff has decided to give a welfare to those who are preparing their children to school for the first time this year. They were our colleagues (38 children of the ‘Martians’ are going to school for the first time this year), and the first-formers of ‘Scarlet Sails’ Centre: the welfare for the first-time preparation to school has been given to 5 children.

In the greeting speech, Vladimir Maklaev noted: “We, ‘Martians’, are proud that this practice has become annual. We have all the resources, first of all, human ones, to support this practice. From the beginning of 2012, 19 ‘Martians’ married, 38 specialists received welfare because of the children birth. It makes us confident that in 2019 we will have children going to school for the first time”.

In addition to the pleasant moment, the Director General announced that the ‘Martians’-parents of the first-formers would have a day off on the 3rd of September.