Successful Completion of Summer Season in ‘Delfin’ Camp 21.09.2012

The touristic camp ‘Delfin’ is situated in a woodland of Staromainsky district at the distance of more than 100 km from Ulyanovsk. The touristic gathering is organized for RPA ‘Mars’ specialists three times a year. Besides, in summer the ‘Delfin’ camp opens its doors for all comers: Company staff and their family members. The arrivals of tourists spanned from the 18th of June to the 27th of August and lasted from 3 to 14 days at wish. There was a delivery by the company bus to the camp and back which was strictly on schedule. Twice a week, the holidaymakers were delivered to Staraya Mayna settlement, where everybody could provide himself with a needed food.

Swimming in the bay, beautiful nature and good weather – everything taken together contributed to high spirits and invigorate the holidaymakers. All recreationists could play volleyball or court tennis on the sports ground. The fishers were happy about a good take. Besides, everybody could walk through the forest, take the air, and pick mushrooms, flowers or medicinal herb.

The works on improving the camp premises and its neighbourhood are held every year. In August 2012, a great job was done by the staff to clean the access road to the ‘Delfin’ camp. The nearby touristic camps had not functioned for a long time that is why the camp access road was in a desolate condition. After the sleet of 2010-2011, the trees along the road were damaged and posed a hazard to car owners. You can see the result of the work done on the photo.

Holidaymakers are welcome to the touristic camp ‘Delfin’ next year!