• The Youth Scientific and Technical Conference on Improvement Tendencies of Computer-Aided Management Systems will take place at FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ 05.12.2013
    On March 19 to 20, 2014, the Youth Scientific and Technical Conference will take place at FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’. The Conference comes under the Theme Improvement Tendencies of Computer-Aided Management Systems. The Youth Scientific and Technical Conference on Improvement Tendencies of Computer-Aided Management Systems will take place at FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’
  • IMDS-2013. RESUME 10.09.2013
    The 6th International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2013) has successfully finished its work. IMDS, beginning with the first Show arranged that took place in 2003 in Saint-Petersburg, ranks among the world Maritime Defense Shows and is the world leading naval equipment and weapons exhibition. The format of the Show, that is considered to be unique, includes all stages of shipbuilding and creation of naval equipment and weapons such as naval and commercial shipbuilding, marine power plants, weapon systems and armament, maritime instrument engineering including computer-aided systems and communications, naval aviation, navigational equipment and control systems, infrastructure, new materials and technologies.
  • Visit of Georgy V. Antsev, General Director and Chief Designer of Concern Morinformsystem-Agat, to Ulyanovsk 18.01.2013
    On the 16th of January, Sergey I. Morozov, Governor and Сhairman of the Ulyanovsk region Government, held a meeting with Georgy V. Antsev, General Director and Chief Designer of JSC Concern Morinformsystem-Agat, Vladimir A. Maklaev, Director General of FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’, and Liudmila I. Knysh, Director General of JSC ‘Kometa’.
  • Rally Marking the National Unity Day 09.11.2012
    On the 4th of November, there was a rally-procession with participation of regional and city heads, companies’ specialists, representatives of trade-union and public organizations, War and Labour Veteran Councils, national and cultural autonomies, as well as, Ulyanovsk citizens and Ulyanovsk region suburbanites (about 15,000 in total). The column moved according to the route: Goncharova Street – Lenina Street, esplanade – square of the 100-anniversary of V.I. Lenin birthday. The procession ended by the rally on the central place of the city.
  • Distinguished Guests 05.10.2012
    On the 4th of 2012, a business visit was paid to our Company attended by Dmitry O. Rogozin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation (Chairman of the RF Government Military and Industrial Committee), and by Yury I. Borisov, First Deputy Chairman of the Military and Industrial Committee.
  • Company Chair 28.09.2012
    On the 27th of September, an introductory tour of the RPA ‘Mars’ was organized for students of the Chair 'Information and Communications Technologies and Radio-Electronic Means’ which had been established within the Ulyanovsk State Technical University. Actually, the students are majoring in their special subject at the University, but they will attend courses at the Company next year.
  • Successful Completion of Summer Season in ‘Delfin’ Camp 21.09.2012
    The touristic camp ‘Delfin’ is situated in a woodland of Staromainsky district at the distance of more than 100 km from Ulyanovsk. The touristic gathering is organized for RPA ‘Mars’ specialists three times a year. Besides, in summer the ‘Delfin’ camp opens its doors for all comers: Company staff and their family members. The arrivals of tourists spanned from the 18th of June to the 27th of August and lasted from 3 to 14 days at wish. There was a delivery by the company bus to the camp and back which was strictly on schedule. Twice a week, the holidaymakers were delivered to Staraya Mayna settlement, where everybody could provide himself with a needed food.
  • On the National Flag Day 24.08.2012
    On the 22d of August, at 3 p.m., a procession and a rally on the occasion of the Russian Federation National Flag Day were held.
  • Welcome to the International Air Transport Forum 24.08.2012
    On the 23d of August, the International Air Transport Forum II ‘IATF-2012’ took place at the premises of airport ‘Ulyanovsk-Vostochny’ with the assistance of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The Forum will last till the 25th of August. The event was organized by the Government of the Ulyanovsk region.
  • ‘Help in Preparation to School’ Action Carried Out 07.08.2012
    On the 7th of August, an action ‘Help in Preparation to School’ took place in the Company session hall. The event was attended by Vladimir A. Maklaev, Director General, Larisa Moskalenko, Deputy Director General for Human-Resource Management, Chairwoman of the Company Trade Union, as well as by the Martians-parents of children going to school for the first time, trade-union representatives of the Company departments, and the Director of the social and rehabilitation centre for minors ‘Scarlet Sails’

  • Professional Day Summary 03.08.2012
    The personnel of RPA ‘Mars’ happily and proudly celebrated our professional day which was timed to the RF Navy Day. According to the established practice, competitions were held in ‘Zarya’ stadium, a grand meeting - in the conference hall, and a touristic gathering - in the ‘Delfin’ camp. The distinguished guests also attended the grand meeting in the Company conference hall. Everybody said many good things about us and our work. Souvenirs, gifts and awards were presented to the most deserving specialists.
  • Children Are the Lights of Our Lives! 22.06.2012
    On the 19th of June, a solemn ceremony in honour of 9 specialists, who gave birth to children from March to June 2012, took place in the Company session hall.
  • 51st Anniversary of ‘Mars’ 16.03.2012
    On the 13th of March, our staff celebrated the 51st anniversary from the FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ foundation.
  • Festival of Science Inaugurated in Ulyanovsk Region 10.02.2012
    On the 8th of February, a Festival of Science was inaugurated in the Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creative Works. The event started with a spectacular animated and laser show. Then, Sergey Morozov, Governor and Chairman of the Ulyanovsk region Government, was called on. He awarded the eminent research officers of the Ulyanovsk region. Specialists of the FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ were on a list of honours.
  • Visit of the Governmental Delegation to our Company 27.01.2012
    The governmental delegation paid a visit to FRPC OJSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’ on January, 21th of 2012. The delegation included: - Denis Valentinovich Manturov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade and other visitors, including Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs; Commander-in-chief of the RF Air Force, Director General of ‘United Aircraft Corporation’, Deputy Director General of 'Rosoboronexport', JSC, heads of a number of departments and divisions of the Government of the Russian Federation, 23 delegates in total.
  • The ‘Martians’ helped staff of budgetary organizations of Zavolzhsky district in their preparation of children going to school for the first time 03.08.2011
    On the 3rd of August, in the session hall of our Company, the administration and the trade union organization carried out a joint action called ‘Help in Preparation to School’. That day, taking into account the policy of our administration and staff concerning end-consumer charitable help aiming at the improvement of the social environment of the district where the majority of our staff lives, works and has a rest, 29 specialists of our Company, 53 medical specialists of the Central Clinical Hospital of Ulyanovsk and Dental Policlinics 2 received money for children going to school for the first time. 8 children of the social and rehabilitation centre for minors ‘Scarlet Sails’ got welfare through their legal representatives.